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New Jobs Posted Weekly

Looking for that internship or first job? How about a freelance gig to get a little extra cash? Check out the job board and see all the listings and companies that are looking for Winthrop students. Make sure that you are found by your next contact, your next meal or your next employer. New jobs get put up weekly but don’t assume that it is filled, even if it has been up for a while. It might be that no one has responded. Go on, give them a call.

Take a Survey for HACKFEST

Here is a link to the survey that you might be interested in taking. Social Design House is hosting a Hackfest-kind of event with Winthrop DIFD and CSCI students. Let them know what you would like to see at such an event and give us your feed back on events you have gone to that are similar to this. We would really appreciate your input. Thanks

Return of the Winthrop Website

Winthrop University is the first in the southeastern region of the US to have a Bachelor of Science in Digital Information Design. It is a degree program that combines coursework from four areas to produce graduates capable of applying related concepts from graphic design, marketing, mass communication and computing. Students interested in the fields of interactivity, programming, e-commerce, and writing for the web may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Digital Information Design. A student in this major gain traditional area-specific knowledge for training in careers within the domains of digital communication and electronic commerce. Students complete a core set of courses in digital information design, while also pursuing one of four specialties: digital commerce, interactive media, web application development, and digital mass media.

Some of you may be aware that the Winthrop University theme for Visual Communication Design and Interactive Media has overshadowed the identity and unique qualities of the departments, students and the work that we do. We are happy to release this new version of the winthropinteractive site so that student work and the work done within the department can be shared and viewed in a more appropriate space. Explore comments, become a contributor, or just see what is new with students and the Department of Design.